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By the time Nahkriin became of her surroundings, the skies had darkened and the air thin. The elf shivered, harsh winds from the ocean beating against her already bruised form from being thrown out of Volkihar Keep. She glanced back up to the castle sat behind her from the shore, in the darkness of the night it took on a sinister appearance, shrouded in a thick fog. Most likely to stop weary travellers from venturing too close.

Gripping at her side, Nahkriin pulled herself to the boat, a hiss falling from her lips from the expansion of her ribs as she breathed. They were definitely fractured, if not broken. Something the Dragonborn cursed the Gods for. She needed to get back to Fort Dawnguard, something that would’ve taken her three weeks on horse back if she took time to rest, she could cut the time down to two weeks if Shadowmere rode at full speed the entire way down. But that was if she was at full strength…

Shoulder pulling painfully in that moment, trying to row the boat back to shore, Nahkriin knew within herself she wouldn’t be able to ride on horseback. She’d ran out of potions fighting her way out of Dimhollow Crypt and with the urgency getting Serana home, she hadn't thought to pick up more. Her magicka reserves were depleted also, not having a proper meal in weeks really did a number on them. So healing herself was out of the question.

The boat hit sand and the Dragonborn stumbled out, back hitting the sand. Letting out a painful groan, Nahkriin looked up to the stars above and wished her Dovah blood allowed her the gift of flight that her brethren had. What was the point of having dragon blood if she couldn’t, she wondered if Paarthurnax could teach her a shout that would allow that?

Nahkriin scoffed, she highly doubted it. Arms spread wide over the sand, lost in thought she didn’t notice the footsteps of someone’s approach until they were right above her.

FUS-“ Nahkriin released her Thu’um on instinct, throwing the stranger back and despite her body screaming at her, the Dragonborn rolled into a crouch her armour cloaking her in a fog of poison.

”My friend! Are you actually going to kill me now?” The stranger spoke in a familiar voice that had Nahkriin blinking. She paused, squinting in the darkness as the stranger dusted themself off, clearly not caring about being thrown across the sands. They approached, tail swishing merrily as they skipped along the sand towards a very confused Dragonborn.

”Are you not going to kill me then? A shame,” they chuckled, reddish orange eyes glinting with the reflection of the moons above.

Nahkriin recovered enough to recognise the voice, the adrenaline coursing through her veins leaving her almost immediately. She collapsed back into the sand, another painful grunt leaving her lips as the plume of poisoned smoke evaporated from her form. She scowled at the scarred Khajiit smiling down at her, his blueish hued fur blending in with the night surrounding them.

”Inigo, you know not to sneak up on me!” The Dragonborn signed angrily, her harsh breathing not helping her battered form any.

”I am sorry, my friend. I thought my steps were proficient enough for your sensitive ears to catch, perhaps that is something I require work on,” Inigo grinned, tail swishing excessively.

”You’re an ass,”Nahkriin rolled her eyes.

”I do have a fine ass,” the khajiit stated, turning his head to the side and jutting out his behind.

Nahkriin moaned internally, why did the Gods hate her? The elf whistled to gain Inigo’s attention back before signing,”Why are you here?”

”Ahh, that is the question!” Inigo grinned, sharp teeth glinting. “There’s a rumour going around the Reach, the Blades have being a little naughty in that Temple of theirs as of late. The little birdies have told me that they plan to trap one of your winged sausages.”

Those bastards!Nahkriin tightened her fist. She didn’t have time for this, mutant vampires had an elder scroll, she was in extreme pain and needed to be on the other side of Skyrim yesterday, not dealing with Delphine and her dogs while they yet again went against her wishes to leave the Dovah loyal to her alone! They wouldn’t even have access to Sky Haven Temple without her blood, yet she was barred from the place. Delphine was out of her mind if she thought Nahkriin would allow her to harm even one scale on one of her Dovah. They were her family, she wont allow her family to be hurt ever again…

Flaring her nostrils, the Dragonborn took a painful stand and called for the one that would always answer.”ODAHVIING!

”So loud for someone so mute,” Inigo cried dramatically, covering his ears as he continued to mutter.

Nahkriin ignored him, waiting anxiously for her Thu’um to be heard. Eyes shifting over the skies and ears flicking for any noise around the mountains. Soon the large silhouette of a dragon cast a shadow over the large expanse of the beach, the calling roar of one of her own, finally answering. Odahviing beat his wings before landing upon the sands, causing the ground to shudder from his weight. He bowed to the Dragonborn, casting a sidelong glance at the cowering Khajiit before ultimately ignoring him.

Drem yol lok, Dovahkiin, it has been awhile,” Odahviing spoke low as to not disturb the wilderness surrounding them anymore than he already had.

Grind, Odahviing,” Nahkriin replied, once noting that Inigo was far enough away to not be affected by her voice. It was something she loved about the Dovah, being able to speak with them without causing harm, they shared the Thu’um, only affected if Nahkriin wished to harm.

In the tongue of the dragon, Nahkriin explained what Inigo had told her. Rapid signing the words in Tamrielic as she went, not used to speaking without her hands. Odahviing became angry as she spoke, nostrils letting out plumes of smoke as he bared his teeth.

Kren sosaal! Those Brons will die!” Odahviing roared, shooting fire into the sky. If Nahkriin weren’t a Dunmer the flames would’ve burnt her.

Nid,” Nahkriin shook her head quickly, trying to deescalate the situation before the Thalmors down the beach risked taking a look down the coast.

NID! Vonmindoraan, I do not understand?” Odahviing growled at the Dragonborn, getting close enough to huff smoke at her.

Nahkriin glowered at the other dovah, she understood his anger, but killing the blades would solve nothing only furthering the people’s hatred of the few Dovah willing to fight alongside them. People still worried that the dragons would uprise again to seat themselves as gods, Alduin’s death may be years in the past, but most dragons still allied themselves with him and his cause. Until a time came that Nahkriin had absorbed all the souls of Alduin’s army, nowhere in Tamriel was safe from dragons. She explained this to the dovah, who reluctantly agreed to her whims.

Grit los lein,” Odahviing huffed.

Nahkriin could agree fully with that, as much as she hated it, the world couldn’t change overnight.

So what would you have me do, Dovahkiin?

Nahkriin dove into her plan of using the Blades motivations against them to trap a dragon, just not one of her own. Odahviing didn’t particularly like having to sacrifice one of his own but understood the need to keep the Blades busy whilst the Dragonborn had heavier things to settle now that the vampires had an elder scroll. With that agreement set, Odahviing offered to fly Nahkriin back to fort dawnguard, making the thee week trip only a few hours.

Nahkriin spoke her goodbyes to Inigo, thanking him for the warning and even asked if he would like a trip back into Skyrim. The khajiit had declined, stating that he had business in Solitute.

Erei mu grind, Dovahkiin,” Odahviing bid farewell as he touched down in Dayspring Canyon, only allowing Nahkriin to hop off his neck before he was back in the skies headed towards the Reach.

Memory of flames, Memory of ice - Chapter 4 - Sad_Gay69 (2024)
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