This Muzzle Brake is Better Than a Suppressor (2023)


Recoil reduction test on the Ultradyne apollo max

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Here's the thing and I'm just going to come right out and say it right off the top.

I don't like compensators like at all, I find them loud and disruptive.

And I would say that in many instances the user that is shopping for a compensator is actually in the market for a silencer.

And they just don't know yet, because one of the prime functions of a suppressor is to reduce recoil, but it has additional benefits to do its construction like sound reduction that compensators just simply do not have.

And if you say something about a linear compensator, I swear, because you don't know the difference between marketing and reality anyway, for whatever reason that individual hasn't obtained that device yet and some excuses on that one are better than others.

Personally, speaking I'm, pretty protective of the hearing that I have left.

So I tend to gravitate more towards the suppressed side of the house, but ultra9 did send some compensators here for evaluation.

So that's, what we're gonna do this is the apollo max.

And as you guys saw in the open, it has a fairly impressive amount of recoil reduction, such to the point that I'm going to eat.

Some of my words, very early in the video and say that this outperforms, my suppressors all of them, and I can tell you that by feel, but feel is a little bit too subjective for this channel.

So we're gonna find out just how much this device reduces recoil.

So I went out and built an apparatus to test this.

And at the heart of it is the cmmg descent that I reviewed previously the idea being to measure the performance versus suppressed and unsuppressed shooting.

There were a few problems with my initial setup.

So I fixed those specifically, though I want to take the human element out of the equation.

And I made a hydraulic trigger mechanism.

I'll be going into depth on this in a later video that I'll discuss at the end of this one I'll be somewhere else for this.

But take our hydraulic trigger here and you'll see it run back until click.

And you know, it'll, obviously be more prolific when there's a round in the chamber.

So anyway, unsuppressed suppressed comp, observing this visually in my mind is fairly compelling.

But the the problem with that is that it's it's it's, not data, it's, not quantitative.

So in order to get some quantitative data, we have to do some maths and I promise, I won't subject, you guys to that.

But what it breaks out to is that we lose about half the recoil with the apollo max.

When we look at the can that we use the energetic vox, which is one of my favorite cans.

It reduces the recoil by about 20 percent.

Now we have to be careful whenever we do a direct comparison, especially between two dissimilar items like a comp and a suppressor, oftentimes direct data can lead you to conclusions that may be a little bit heavily weighted and that's.

Why we normalize data it's a fairly simple data set the factor that I chose to use for normalizing data was the weight of the devices.

And when we do that we end up with about a 30 percent efficiency gain if we're using the comp over the unsuppressed gun, that's, pretty good.


I don't know how else to say that other than 30 is a big number form and function.

It is a four chamber break as you guys saw in the pictures previously it has two ports on top.

Now there are three sets of dimples on top and on bottom.

Those dimples do not go all the way through I'm, not sure what the function of those are.

But just in case, the pictures made it seem as though those dimples went all the way through they do not.

There are two sets of wrench flats, there's a long flat.

And then there is a short flat towards the proximal end of the brake.

This thing attaches via a jam nut.

So you basically thread the knot.

All the way down, you put the spacer sleeve in there.

And then you thread this down, then you thread that jam nut back up to it.

I prefer jam nuts over something like a crush washer.

It doesn't really matter in a break of this size.

But if you're talking about say, a suppressor, the error that is induced by a crush washer can lead to baffle strikes.

This is not a long enough device to worry about that sort of thing.

However, what it does do is gain you some repeatability.

The thing is not going to be cocked cattywampus on the end of your barrel.

If you use a jam nut, excuse me, I'm, not saying that it is impossible for you to screw this up, but it's less likely that it'll be messed up if you're using a jam nut over a crush washer guys and gals.

It works.

They do a 556 and 762 variant.

And they also have a whole bunch of other comps available.

But given what we've talked about already, I don't know why you would go for anything less than the best you just go for a suppressor right speaking of suppressors.

I have a another video where I'm going to go out and test all the 30 caliber cans that I have head head and see who does the best so stick tuned for that one's gonna take me a little bit of time to put that together, but that's all for the ultradine apollo max.

And I would say that, uh, alterdyne's impressing me lately, that's, the simplest way to put it.

They've been doing a lot of good work.

So thumbs up, even though I don't like comps, you.


Which is better muzzle brake or suppressor? ›

A muzzle brake is different from a silencer in that (1) a muzzle brake does not make your shot quiet – it is quite loud, (2) the movement of propellant gases are to the side or upwards with a muzzle brake whereas the gas tends to move forward with a silencer, and (3) muzzle brakes help to improve accuracy by ...

Can you have a muzzle brake and a suppressor? ›

Threaded barrels allow for easy attachment and detachment of muzzle devices, and using a suppressor with a muzzle brake or flash hider can provide even greater performance benefits.

What reduces recoil more muzzle brake or suppressor? ›

With the right muzzle brake, you can reduce your firearm's recoil by up to 50%. However, muzzle brakes can amplify gunfire noise. If you don't want that, minimize recoil with a suppressor or attach a brake and suppressor to your barrel. Where can you find a high-quality suppressor for your pistol, shotgun, or rifle?

What is a suppressor vs silencer vs muzzle brake? ›

A muzzle break is meant to reduce recoil of a gun. A silencer or suppressor is meant to reduce the decibel level of a gun discharging, usually just enough to make them not instantly deafen but still being very loud (with soms exceptions such as the welrod pistol which was quite quiet).

What is the difference between a silencer and a suppressor? ›

There's no difference in the device itself, only in the name. Silencer is simply the original term while suppressor is the one that evolved over time to more accurately describe the function of the device in question.

Can my wife shoot my suppressor? ›

Before you go and add a responsible person to your trust, you need to ensure that the party is not considered a restricted person. Whether you are present or not, the use of your suppressor by someone considered a restricted person is not allowed, and cannot be added to your trust as a responsible person.

Can I destroy my suppressor? ›

To meet the requirement for removal from GCA and NFA provisions, ATF has previously explained that acceptable methods of destruction include completely melting, shredding, or crushing the firearm silencer.

Can I cross state lines with a suppressor? ›

Yes, you can easily travel with a suppressor: when you take your suppressor out of your home state; you (the owner of the suppressor) are not required to complete any special/additional paperwork.

What are the benefits of a muzzle brake? ›

What does a muzzle brake do? In short, they help dampen recoil. This is especially true when it relates to large guns. In fact, muzzle brakes can reduce recoil by almost 50 percent.

What caliber is best to suppress? ›

Here are some popular ammunition calibers that work well with suppressors:
  • 9mm Luger. The 9mm Luger (9x19mm) is a widely used pistol caliber that is ideal for suppressed shooting. ...
  • .45 ACP. The . ...
  • .300 AAC Blackout. The . ...
  • .22LR. The . ...
  • 5.56mm NATO/.223 Remington. While the 5.56mm NATO and .

Do suppressors wear out? ›

Long term sustained fire will wear out a suppressor, sometimes in just a manner of seconds or minutes. No suppressor is built for long term sustained volumes of fire – the laws of physics prohibit it! Keep it cool.

What are the disadvantages of a muzzle brake? ›

Cons of a Muzzle Brake: -The main drawback is the noise. When the propellant is vented, it increases the volume of the bullet leaving the gun. If you are shooting a gun with a muzzle brake, you and everyone around you should be wearing hearing protection.

Do muzzle brakes improve accuracy? ›

Muzzle brakes seem to make rifles more accurate, as well. Part of this is the reduction in recoil, which reduces shooter tremor brought on by terror, and (possibly) because vibration in the barrel is reduced. Prairie-dog hunters frequently put a muzzle brake on their heavy-barreled .

How much louder is a gun with a muzzle brake? ›

Most brakes hovered around 100%, which means they sound twice as loud as the rifle with a bare muzzle.

Is there more recoil with a suppressor? ›

A silencer traps the explosive gas leaving the barrel after the bullet; by trapping this gas the shooter has less felt recoil. After training the shooter will no longer anticipate recoil allowing better control of the weapon.

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