Alfa ditta Alfa Telematica · technological systems and solutions

Alfa Telematica was established in 1990 when it introduced itself on the market as a company operatingin the telephony sector and in electric, conditioning, heating and plumbing systems.

Within a few years the company developed the structured cabling and special systems division: fire detection, burglary-proofing, and access control.

It obtained level-one recognition from the Italian Ministry of Posts and Communications in 1992 for installing, testing, connecting and maintaining internal telephony systems for telecommunications.

In 1996 Alfa decided to extend its range with the creation of a specialized division for integrated system supplies. An important quality leap was completed by the company in the course of its activities, thanks to SOA certification for the execution of public works in the categories for which it is qualified, as well as to the achievement of the leading quality certifications.

Today, after moving its HQ and changing its name to Alfa Telematica in order to highlight the company’s core business, the Company aims to expand right across Europe.

We operate in the technological systems sector, guaranteeing design, construction and management for public and private companies.